A collection of thoughts, ponderings, and advice on all things accounting related.

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Note: I previously had a link to a similar archiving website called Scoop-It but for all the gloss and glimmer of the website it proved a bit too clunky for me… 

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6 responses to “Introduction

  1. Hi Mike,

    I couldn’t remember your email address.

    I will be at the KPMG business school session in CA house on thursday 1/12/2016. Can you do a question on IAS 24 Related Parties.


    John Kearns

  2. Hi Michael,

    In group accounts where there is a disposal of subs shares without loss of control and fair value method is used could you please give the double entry?

    CV of net assets: 480
    Sold 10%
    Proceeds: 100


    • Leona,

      You have not provided enough information in your query so I will make the following assumptions:

      Assume there is an 80/20 split between parent and NCI and that the CV of net assets of 480 excludes goodwill.
      Assume the NCI is entitled to 96 of the net assets (excluding goodwill) just before disposal.
      Assume the NCI is entitled to 50 of the goodwill just before disposal.

      So… If the parent disposes of 10%, the CV of net assets disposed is [((480 – 96) x 10%) + ((200 – 50) x 10%)] = 53.4

      Consol journals would be:

      Dr Cash 100
      Cr NCI 53.4
      Cr Equity – Other Reserves 46.6

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